How to Quickly Create Enscape Materials ?


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Enscape Material Converter plugin: the ultimate tool for SketchUp users looking to effortlessly convert materials for use in Enscape. Our plugin offers intuitive manipulation of textures and materials, allowing you to achieve stunning visualizations quickly and easily.

Features :

    - Supports more than 30 different Enscape materials (Water, Ocean, River, Grass, Leaf, Carpet, Frosted glass, Glass, Mirror, Plastic, Ceramic, Marble, Metal, Carpaint, Polished, Acrylic, Fabric, Gold, Bronze, Silver, Mesh, Gravel, Wood floor, Plaster, Velvet, White paint,Leather, Roof ...

  • Support cleaning sketchup files.
  • Support hide and unhide edges .
  • Support export one or all material .skm
  • Support zoom objects in a 1:1 frame rate.
  • Add new material loading feature.

System requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows
  • Computer with internet connection
  • SketchUp version: 2016 or later


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